Flying with Eagles


Flying with Eagles – Winner of best film at the Coupe Icare Film Festival.

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Flying with Eagles captivated the audience and jury at the 2007 Coupe Icare Film Festival at St Hilaire, and was awarded First Prize. Now’s your chance to own your copy.
In 2005, Twice world champion Louise Crandal had enjoyed her fill of competitions and now wanted to move onto new challenges. After visiting Scott Mason in Nepal, she became enthralled with the possibility of training and flying with an eagle at home in Europe. ‘Flying with Eagles’ is an intimate portrait of the relationship between Louise and Cossack, an untrained Scottish Steppe Eagle.

At first, nerves are frayed and tensions mount as a clearly ruffled Cossack refuses to even take food from Louise’s hand. But, slowly, trust is built, and from the pair travel from Scotland, to Louise’s native Denmark, where Cossack makes his first coastal soaring flights with Louise – instinctively turning 360s in the smooth lift band and being blown over the back! Eventually they head south to Lake Como in the Italian Alps, where Louise finds out whether Cossack will help her fly further.

Released September 2007, Flying with Eagles tells a story that’s almost unimaginable. Director Anton Gammelgaard captures Louise’s personal journey with sensitivity and compassion. The Coupe Icare Film Festival, held in St Hilaire, France, is the world’s biggest free flying film event and winning first place is the highest accolade possible. Previous winners have included Sean White’s ‘Never Ending Thermal’, and Uli Wiesmeier’s ‘The Race’.

45 minutes long. Produced and broadcast for Danish TV, this unique film is now available on DVD in English.

PAL All Regions. Please note this DVD will not play on older NTSC only players in North America.

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