FLY GIN Flightdeck 5 litre


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Fly Gin Flightdeck 5L

The flightdeck specially designed for competition pilots…now in a smaller more compact size.

• removable and adjustable 5 litre ballast holder.

• removable velcro plate to conveniently carry your flight instruments to briefing.

• padded closing top with zipper to protect flight instruments when not flying.

• fits easily under your pod harness leg cover.

• We can supply you with some self adhesive hook Velcro for attaching your instruments to the flightdeck, 50mm x 200mm, enough for 2 or 3 instruments. Choose from the drop down menu above.

Weight: 0.38 kg

Stock code: GA12-race-5l

2 reviews for FLY GIN Flightdeck 5 litre

  1. Stefan Daniel

    the perfect flightdeck , all my devices ar fitted very well for all kinds of flights.

  2. Simon

    Great flight deck with enough room for gps, vario and phone held in place by 92mm velcro. A Galaxy S4 will fit fine but not sure about the longer size of a Galaxy Note. The top cover of flight deck zips back and folds underneath and is retained using a velcro strap. Instruments are mounted to board so can easily be removed, the board also has loops for securing your instruments. The underneath of the board is held in place with 92mm – 95mm velcro and there are additional securing loops connected directly to main body of the flight deck.

    The bottom removable zipped compartment has an outer mesh pocket and a velcro port to allow water tube or charging wire from portable charger out. There are also 2 adjustable straps which pull in the bottom of this compartment to reduce its volume. Mounting the flight deck is via adjustable loops with plastic buckle connection to the flight deck.

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