Edelrid Foras Carabiner


Edelrid Foras Paragliding Carabiner (karabiner)


An innovative carabiner from Edelrid for 25mm webbing/risers with twist-lock offset gate for paragliding harness main hang points.

Designed with a side opening gate that allows easier installation of the carabiner due to the wide opening.

High tensile strength – guaranteed minimum strength 23kN.

Designed for the latest generation of harnesses using 25mm webbing at the hang point.

The manufacture date code is stamped on the carabiner so that service life can be monitored easily.

Alloy carabiners should be replaced after 5 years or 500 hours maximum.

Carabiners are sold individually, remember to order 2 if you want a pair!

Weight: 51g.

Stock code: G-CRAB-Foras


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