East Wind DVD

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Join Till Middelhauve, Michael Werner and Eric Behr as they embark on a border crossing-adventure of eastern Europe on ‘Flykes’… flying bicycles!


The Flyke is a hybrid of a push-bike and a paramotor, and can be pedalled engine-off, motored propeller-on, and, of course, flown.

Over 15 days the trio fly, pedal and motor the 1632 km from Hanover to the Black Sea. Travel with them as they breeze down leafy lanes, cycle across summer meadows, fly over wondrous cloudscapes, push through deep valleys under orographic mist and propel themselves, motors on, down bustling highways, dwarfed by articulated trucks.

It’s an eyebrow-raising, hilarious adventure that crosses boundaries and leaves bystanders astonished. With the Flyke, the journey never ends – you touch down, fold your wing, and cycle on!

– Documentary, English and German languages
– Running time: 37 minutes
– Special extras: 20 minutes, including interview with Michael Werner
– DVD in PAL and NTSC format

See more at http://www.high-above.de/english.htm

Format: DVD
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