Charly Finsterwalder Quick Outs Replacement Inserts/pair


Charly Finsterwalder Quick Outs  –  Replacement Inserts/pair

In paragliding, Quick-Outs are used for the separation of the glider when a steerable rescue system is deployed, and also by tandem paraglider pilots to safely detach the glider when landing in windy conditions.

Charly Finsterwalder state that inserts and bodies from different years of manufacture are not always compatible with each other. If you would like to use a body with different inserts, compatibility between each other must therefore be tested. In the case of incompatibilities, the Quick-Out together with the incompatible inserts can be sent to Finsterwalder and they can rework the parts.


Download Quick Out Instruction Manual

Weight: 100g/pair

Stock code: OPF062


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