Charly Finsterwalder Quick Outs/pair


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Charly Finsterwalder Quick Outs/pair

In paragliding, Quick-Outs are used for the separation of the glider when a steerable rescue system is deployed, and also by tandem paraglider pilots to safely detach the glider when landing in windy conditions.

Charly Finsterwalder Quick Outs are separation carabiners used whenever a reliable connection (and if necessary a rapid separation) under load is important. They are suitable for the safe attachment of loads – in particular people – and are designed for outdoor use.

They are used by police helicopters, by the military, mountain rescue services…and paraglider pilots!

By simultaneously pushing both release buttons, pilot and aircraft are separated effortlessly. In safety training, the separation of the glider after a rescue parachute deployment will be advantageous.

Besides the rescue options in case of emergency landings in water, trees, and high winds, the Quick-Out also offers handling advantages compared to conventional carabiners.

• Breaking load: 4000 DaN*, 2000 DaN individually tested
• No gate play, thus fatigue endurable with unlimited hours of usage for 150 DaN* hauled load!
• Double-button locking with multiple safety steps
• Replacement interval: 8 years, unlimited hours of usage
• Housing drop-forged from Titanal, insert made from high-strength aluminium alloy 7075 T6

Usage by paragliders with a speedsystem is permitted only in combination with a brummel hook separation system.

The Quick-Outs must to be installed according to the harness manufacturers instructions and require regular care. Clean after contact with aggressive media (e.g. sea water) or with sand and dust to prevent the buttonss jamming. In case of humidity in combination with sub zero temperatures, there is a danger of icing. If the buttons are iced, the carabiner can not be securely locked. Improper or incorrect locking of the carabiner is optically visible.

Download Quick Out Instruction Manual

Weight: 200g/pc

Stock code: OPF06

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