Bruce Goldsmith Design Lynx (M, 75-95kg), EN/LTF C demonstrator wing. Colour ‘Sahara’, as in the product images.

This glider has been flown by 2 members of staff, and test flown by 2 other pilots. Maximum 30 hours airtime. As you can imagine it is in excellent condition, clean and crisp with no repairs or big dirty marks. A huge saving on the SRP of £4099. Suitable for experienced pilots looking for lightweight high performance. Supplied complete with inner bag, strap, un-used maintenance pack, T-Shirt and glider rucksack.

Please contact us to find out if this glider is suitable for you, or to arrange a test flight.

Details of the BGD Lynx can be found by clicking here:

Stock code: BGD-P-LYNX-M-BG0536009A


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