BlueBip Bluetooth Solar Audio Variometer


BlueBip : Bluetooth Solar Audio Vario

The BlueBip is an ultralight Bluetooth vario audio system tailor-made for paragliding. Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, it connects to your smartphone or tablet as soon as you switch it on, providing ultra-precise flight information.
Equipped with high-precision sensors, it measures instantaneous Vz, barometric altitude, glide ratio and more.
Powered by SunPower solar technology, it recharges continuously, providing over 100 hours of autonomy.
Thanks to its Instant Vario technology and exclusive acoustics, it offers an intuitive and pleasant flying experience, while its powerful configurator lets you customize it to your own preferences.
Made in France with over 10 years of expertise and innovation, the BlueBip is the essential tool for paragliders looking for simplicity and reliability.


BlueBip connects via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to your smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS) as soon as you switch it on.

It lets you use flight applications such as XCtrack, FlySkyHy, SeeYou Navigator, and many others, sending ultra-precise flight information such as barometric altitude, atmospheric pressure, rate of climb and descent, and more.

Thanks to their small size, they can be attached to helmets, harness straps or cockpits.

The option to output the audio to headphones via the USB-C port requires an adapter.

Stodeus UtraBip Bluetooth GPS Alti-Vario



BlueBip, as are the full Stodeus range, are designed, manufactured and assembled in France, in Grenoble at the heart of the Alps.

Stodeus Paragliding is a small company of two persons passionated about paragliding, and works with a disabled workers factory in France.


Like every product available here, a two years warranty applies.

And as we believe in sustainable products, the device has been designed with fixability in mind: we offer a complete range of parts. All the parts are easily replacable with little technical competences.

Stock code: OP-S-BlueBip


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