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BipBip PRO V2 : Solar Audio Variometer

Equipped with the latest generation of sensors from the drone industry, BipBip PRO V2 is a solar variometer with unrivaled reactivity. This ultralight instrument will be your flight companion with unlimited flying times thanks to a large internal battery and a high performance solar cell. The acoustic of BipBip PRO V2 is adjustable with a wide range of volume output. The beeps tone is balanced and soft. You will fly without stress while still being performant in thermal.
Its many customizable parameters allow it to fully adapt to your flying style. Whether you’re an avid XC pilot or a hike&fly enthusiast, this concentrated technology made in France will never leave your paragliding gear.
Always on top.

The most reactive in its class

Equipped with the latest technology from UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)  such as drones, the new pressure sensor integrated in BipBip PRO V2 enables ultra fast sampling (100 times per second).This centimeter accurate pressure measurement is processed with a DSP (Digital Signal Processing) especially customized for the specific needs of the free flight. The result is an ultra accurate and fast response time of altitude and vertical speed.

In its category (vario with pressure sensor only), this exclusive technology pushes the limits and makes the BipBip PRO V2 the most responsive vario, allowing you to get the best out of every thermal.


Unlimited flying times with solar energy

With its high performance SunPower solar cell of an impressive 193mW of power, the BipBip PRO V2 is fully supplied with the sun whatever the settings (volume, sink alarm, LED, etc.). The extra solar energy is stored in a large internal battery and gives you 400 hours of runtime without sun. The solar cell charges the BipBip PRO V2 as soon as it is under the sun (on or off), its autonomy is thus unlimited.This new solar cell is thinner and more rugged thanks to an extra layer of PET/EVA, protecting it against drops and scratches.




BipBip PRO V2 weak lift detector is a short buzz modulation indicating a weak lift (from -30cm/s to +10cm/s), not worth turning but can give you a hint of a stronger thermal nearby.

On the drawing, the gray pilot doesn’t have the weak lift detector activated. The green pilot has it activated and when he reaches a weak lifting area, the buzzer helps him to find the thermal core.


leBipBip near lift function
BipBip PRO V2 near lift function

Features list
  • Solar powered with internal battery (up to 400h autonomy without sun)
  • High performance SunPower solar cell
  • Lift sensitivity configurable (+7 to +50cm/s)
  • Lift reactivity configurable (0% to 100% integration time)
  • Sink alarm configurable (-0.5 to -3.5m/s) and can be disabled
  • Weak lift detector: lifty air of +/- 7 cm/s (can be disabled)
  • Vario profiles : short beeps / long beeps
  • 5 volume levels (low, medium, high, boost, silent + LED)
  • Auto take-off detection (can be disabled)
  • Single on/off/configuration button
  • ultralight: 26gr



BipBip PRO V2 are designed, manufactured and assembled in France, in Grenoble at the heart of the Alps.

Stodeus Paragliding is a small company of two persons passionated about paragliding, and works with a disabled workers factory in France.


Like every product available here, a two years warranty applies.

And as we believe in sustainable products, the device has been designed with fixability in mind: we offer a complete range of parts. All the parts are easily replacable with little technical competences.

Stock code: OP-S-BipProV2

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  1. Patrick Holmes (store manager)

    A great value, super light & mini vario I intend to use as a back up and for Hike & Fly 🙂

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