BGD Tandem spreader bars.

The BGD Lite Tandemspreader is currently the lightest one on the market. The narrow and mainly functional design, assures it’s place as the most modern spreader available.

Based on quick and easy removable bridge the BGD Lite Spreader can also be used as a hard- or a soft-spreader.

Being constructed from only 25mm webbing, it can be used with small carabiners or even with softlinks. This makes our Lite Spreader the perfect companion for both Hike&Fly tours as well as for professional tandem pilots who wants to save weight.

The Lite Spreader will also accept a Quick-Out Karabiner.

Two suspension points for the harness for passengers ensure a good positioning of the passenger.

A tunnel with velcro leads the V-bridle and is a optimal guidance to the suspension.

Weight: 350g (470g including bars)

Stock code: BGD-Acc-SpdrL


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