BGD SEED Ground Handling Wing


BGD Ground handling wing from Bruce Goldsmith Design (BGD).

Designed from the EPIC, the SEED is an uncertified mini paraglider with a projected area of only 12m.

BGD SEED Colour schemes

The SEED is great value; not only is it affordable but it’s so useful to hone your skills on the ground on the days when it’s blown out to fly.

Robustly made for ground handling. The SEED has been developed from the EN-B EPIC. It feels and behaves like a small paraglider. It’s produced using durable Toray 50g materials on the top and bottom surfaces, has three risers and fully sheathed lines.

It’s a fun accessory for parawaiting at takeoff, practicing kiting, or just goofing around like Spiderman.

Ground handling is never a waste of time, even for professionals. You can learn essential skills that directly relate to in the air flying. Deflations, stalls, brake pressure and active piloting can all be practiced while kiting the SEED safely on the ground.

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