AustriAlpin Stratus Stainless Steel Paragliding Carabiner (karabiner)

The latest carabiner from Austrialpin is a high quality 25mm auto-lock stainless steel carabiner for paragliding harness main hang points.

Also suitable for paramotoring, tandem paragliding and speedriding or speedflying.

High tensile strength – guaranteed minimum strength 28kN.

Recessed “slide-autolock” button gate release prevents unwanted opening.

Nylon insert prevents rotation in use.

Designed for the latest generation of harnesses using 25mm webbing at the hang point.

Inspect regularly. Service life 5 years or 1500 hours flying, then replace.

Carabiners are sold individually, remember to order 2 if you want a pair!

Weight: 120g.

Stock code: OP01-S-INOX


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