Aerobie Rocketball

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A foam Rocket Football with curved fins for perfect spirals everytime. Rapid spin means stable, accurate passes.

The Aerobie Rocket Football is a 6 inch foam football that is great fun for people of all ages.

PERFECT SPIRALS EVERY TIME: Patented curved fins propel the Aerobie football into a perfect spiral every time.

INCREASED ACCURACY: Unlike straight fins that slow the spin rate, Aerobie Rocket Football’s curved fins accelerate the spin, increasing the stability and accuracy of throws.

EASY TO CATCH: Aerobie Rocket Footballs slow to a wobble-free final glide, making them easier to catch than other Rocket Footballs.

Enjoy a game of touch or just a game of catch. Either way, the Aerobie Rocket Football will add excitement to your game. For right handed throwing only. Assorted two tone colors. Recommended for kids 5 years old and up.

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