Acro & Speed flying handle T-Bar



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GIN GLIDERS – Moulded plastic T-Bar (photo shows a pair, please select single item or one pair in the drop down list as required)

As used on many acro wings and some speed flying wings to make the brake handles more positive to grasp and comfortable.

Can be retro-fitted to most handles.

Weight: 17g each

Stock code: GM-Tbar

2 reviews for Acro & Speed flying handle T-Bar

  1. Neil

    These seemed to arrive before I had ordered them, delivery was so quick. What can I say about them, they are inert bits of plastic. they do the job perfectly giving the hands another relaxed position to operate in. I drilled them out to 8mm to fit the swivels on my handles and they fit perfectly.

  2. Bill Morris

    Great simple piece of kit for really good grip in any type of PG. I have retrofitted these to PGs, miniwing and speedwings. Easy enough to get on, just use a felt tip pen to mark where everything was originally. They give a really comfy grip and if you are stuggling with a habit of taking wraps that hurt your fingers, try these. Hands through the brake handles and, brake line between fingers and hands on these handles, very snug. You can get a whole brake handle set with these already fitted but they might not match your magnets of poppers (though they come with the riser magnet Parks if you can fit them. So this is where these come in. Usual blitzy fast service form UK Airsports. 5 Stars all round.

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