5mm Stainless Steel Standard Oval Maillon Rapide


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5mm Stainless Steel Standard Oval Maillon Rapide

Standard oval shape normally used for linking narrow webbing or dyneema cord reserve bridles. Sometimes used in tow release systems, this 5mm oval is incredibly strong. The best strength/weight connector on the market, manufactured in France by Peguet.

Ideal for any application calling for reliable strength, smallest size and lightest weight.

NOTE: Steel maillons are stamped with a “Working Load Limit” (WLL) corresponding to 20% of their minimum breaking strength (BL). The WLL is the maximum load the manufacturer guarantees will not deform the maillons, allowing opening of the screw closure with fingers.

WARNING: When using steel maillons, double-check and triple-check that they are screwed shut properly as part of every pre-flight check. Tightening should be done with fingers. A spanner may be used carefully, just give them a ‘nip’. Threadlock compound or liquid is not recommended.

WLL: 450kg
BL: 2250kg
Total length: 49.5mm
Weight: 21g

Stock code: MR01-5

2 reviews for 5mm Stainless Steel Standard Oval Maillon Rapide

  1. Kristian

    Maillon Rapide seems to be top quality.
    Letters is punched into the side of the Maillon Rapide, to inform about break loads etc.
    This may cause wear of lines if they are in contact with the punched letters.
    It goes fine as long as the lines are positioned at the ends of the oval.
    Happy about the quality.

  2. Kentaro

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