PLUSMAX is no longer manufacturing helmets. They were forced to close down duting the first lockdown on the COVID epidemic in early 2020.

Plusmax was the leading manufactirer in paragliding helmets for many years before their closure.

We have a few spares left only.

PlusAir helmets are the perfect choice for extreme sports activities like Paragliding, Hang Gliding, Base Jumping, Skydiving, skiing and snowboarding. All PlusAir Helmets are compatible with „The Guard“ (optional Chinguard). The PlusAir is also backed up by the Plusmax World Wide Warranty. If you’re using a motor, Plusair UL helmets are the perfect choice for ultralight flying activities like Paramotoring, Ultralight flying, Gyrocopter flying and Weightshift Microloght flying. UK Airsports are proud to be sole UK distributors for the Plusmax range.