Maillon Rapide

Mr. Desbiolles patented quick links in 1923, and later sold the patent to Mr Francis Péguet in 1941. At this time, the start of mass production began and the brand name Maillon Rapide was born.

Initially aimed at repairing chains for agriculture, the use of maillon rapide quick links then expanded towards new applications over the years.

Until 1970, this simple and reliable product was mainly marketed to traditional hardware suplliers, and distributors of industrial components. During the mid eighties, Péguet saw opportunities in new markets, as Asian competition and the boom of the outdoor leisure industry appeared.

Today, the product range includes new shapes and sizes specifically designed for paragliding, parachuting, industrial safety and mountain climbing. The compulsory self-certification of all items is a move towards continuous quality improvement.

In the last ten years, product certification in P.P.E. has led to offering CE certified items, as a complement to the standard line of products.(EN362, EN12.275 standards).

Faithful to its philosophy of independence, Péguet is the leader on the maillon rapide quick links markets. UK Airsports distribute Maillon Rapide to the UK Free Flight market.