Founded by Jean-Daniel Carrard in 1981, JDC ELECTRONIC SA design and manufacture wind and weather measuring instruments.

Eight people are currently employed in the company, based in a 300-metre square industrial building, in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.

JDC ELECTRONIC SA is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of sport instruments. A huge effort has been made to distribute these products worldwide. Twenty years later JDC ELECTRONIC SA is considered to be the world leader in the wind measuring instrumentation. Our strength lies in our capacity to produce completed instrument from the original idea, into mass production within an allotted timeframe. JDC ELECTRONIC SA has the skill and technology to design instruments and provide prototypes and tooling. Our vast knowledge of both hydro and aero dynamism is used in the development of all or our sensors.

A niche market was found, due to the invention and application of the innovative technology of a speedometer by using magnetic transmission.

This new transmission system was patented in 1983 and was firstly used on boats and windsurfs boards. Later on, this technology was used for SKYWATCH® windmeters as well. UK Airsports have been distributing JDC Skywatch to the UK free flight market since the early 90’s, and we stock a full range of spare parts.