Airwave – No longer operating. It was a leader in Hang Gliding and Paragliding for a good 20 years from it’s creation in 1979.

Originally a Hang Glider manufacturer, Airwave’s early successes were on the Magic series of Hang Gliders, with a strong team of top British pilots who dominated the World Hang Gliding Competition circuit for over ten years.

In 1989 Bruce Goldsmith set up the paragliding side of Airwave which has gained a reputation for safe, high quality paragliders.

In 1997 John Pendry won the World Paragliding Championships flying an Airwave paraglider.

In November 1999, Markus Villinger took over Airwave and the company moved to his home town of Stubai, high in the Austrian Alps.

Bruce Goldsmith joined Markus at Airwave in May 2000 and designed Airwave’s paragliders from his home in Greolieres, France until he left in 2010 to join Advance.

In 2012, Bruce Goldsmith announced that he had taken over Airwave as owner of the brand in patnership with a previous client however once the deal had been done, the partner tried to oust Bruce from the brand and take it over for himself.

Bruce left to start BGD (Bruse Goldsmith Design) which is now a strong and innovative company, working from his hime in Greolieres, Bruce and his new company BGD have a fantastic and growing range along with a well established distribution network.

Airwave is no more but we do have a few old stock items left if you are interesed in Airwave branded items.