The Bonanza 2 review collection

The GIN Bonanza 2 seems to have hit the sweet spot for CX Pilots and reviewers.

There is now a good selection of reviews in print and online for anyone who hasn’t tried one to get a good idea of whether it might be for them. Judging by the reviewers comments, the Bonanza 2 should be on your list if you’re in the target group, ie a reasonably experienced XC pilot used to flying high end EN Bs or above.

If you’re interested in the Bonanza, we’ve collated some English language reviews below.

Cross Country Magazine, issue 203, Lawrie Doctor – September 2019 edition: Cross-Country-Issue-203-Gin-Bonanza2-Review

Cross Country Magazine Bonanza 2 review

Skywings Magazine, Steve Uzochukwu – August 2019 Edition:  Skywings Bonanza 2 Review link to pdf

Skywings Bonanza 2 review
Skywings Bonanza 2 review

Dust of the Universe Blog, Ziad Bassil – :

Flybubble, Carlo Borsattino: and Youtube video review:

Flybubble, John Turczak: