Salsa – New reserve parachutes from Skywalk

Skywalk have taken their impressive Pepper Cross Light and redesigned it using a slightly heavier fabric and other small changes to produce a new rescue parachute that they are calling the Salsa.

The Salsa is slightly heavier and packs to a slightly larger volume as a result of the heavier fabric (tighter weave and lower porosity) but more than makes up for this in two important ways; the sink rate is even better than the Pepper Cross Light and  the price is lower.

Skywalk Salsa square reserve parachute
Skywalk Salsa square reserve parachutes

The Salsa reserve is a cruciform or square parachute with a symmetrical design that descends vertically in still air. Unlike many other small square reserves the Salsa doesn’t rely on any drift to help achieve the excellent sink rate. This also means the anyone descending under a Salsa will potentially have lower actual landing speeds as there is no additional forward speed component to the Salsa’s descent.

Skywalk Salsa square reserve parachute technical specifications
Skywalk Salsa square reserve parachute technical specifications

The Salsa is great value starting at £589.

More info: Salsa 90, Salsa 110 and Salsa 135