SAFETY NOTICE: SALSA reserve inner container elastic

During regular quality control checks, we noticed that a few SALSA rescue systems had a 4 mm elastic installed on the inner container instead of a 3 mm elastic.

The strength of the elastic and it’s elasticity determine how high the force must be to open the inner container and thus release the rescue chute.

During the review of this, the reserves were drop tested with a 4 mm elastic closing loop, all rescue chutes were properly released and opened as expected, however, increased friction was noticed. As a result, Skywalk decided to ask pilots to check their SALSA and if they find that the elastic closure is 4mm, then they recommend changing 4mm to 3mm. See their Safety Notice linked below for more info.

NB! This only applies to reserves in their original SALSA inner deployment bags, if your reserve has been fitted to a harness specific deployment bag then please ignore this notice.

Link to Skywalk’s Safety Notice: