Skywalk Tapa X-Alps Safety Notice

TAPA X-ALPS Safety Notice

Safety notice TAPA X-ALPS inner container

During a simulated rescuer throw of a TAPA X-ALPS (size 105), a small piece of the fabric from the inner container was caught by the retrieval lines. The fabric piece was pulled into the elastic line loop. Despite releasing the retrieval line package, the inner container remained blocked by the fabric piece and remained closed.
Skywalk promptly and comprehensively examined this scenario. The cause could have been a packing error. Nevertheless, Skywalk has chosen to release a safety notice to eliminate any risk.

What to do?
The inner container can be quickly and easily revised. The excess fabric on all four edges of the inner container will be removed by 5 mm after the eyelet. You have the following options for implementing this:

• Your Skywalk dealer can handle this for you quickly and easily after consultation. Ideally, this can be done directly on-site, and you can take your rescue straight back with you.
• The importer in your country can perform the reworking.
• If you don‘t have either of these contacts in your vicinity, please contact Skywalk directly. We will then discuss with you where you can have the revision done most quickly.

More information can be found by downloading a PDF from Skywalk here or visiting Skywalk’s page at

If you have any questions, please contact UK Airsports