SKYWALK CULT4 Rescue handle safety notice

Safety Notification skywalk Harness CULT4 Size L, type certificate no. EAPR-GZ-0554/17

The reserve chute handle of the CULT4 L must be replaced at the next opportunity. A replacement handle will be sent free of charge to all CULT4 customers.

During an aerobatic maneuver (helicopter) by a skywalk test pilot, the reserve chute container inadvertently opened by itself. A careful study showed that with the CULT4 in size L, by moving the handle several times in the longitudinal direction, the cotter pins (orange) can slide out of their closure loops, thus unintentionally releasing the reserve chute. This can be caused by movements during extreme flight maneuvers, but also by brushing against the handle several times, e.g. during pre-launch preparation.

Skywalk therefore has issued the following safety notification in accordance with the DHV:

The reserve chute handles of the Skywalk CULT4-L must be replaced. These harnesses must not be flown until after replacement. Skywalk has developed a new rescue handle, including a deployment container which, by its shape, limits the movement in the longitudinal direction and also lengthens the splints. These new handles are currently being manufactured and will be sent free of charge to CULT4-L owners (or to the flight school where the equipment was purchased). Installation of the new handles should be carried out by a flight school or by competent experts.

22/08/2017 UK Airsports added – NOTE for CULT4 owners in the UK – All handles have been changed on Large CULT4s before delivery. Likewise, all M and S CULT4s have had handles provided for them. You can check by making sure your handle has the two elastics to hold the pins as highlighted in the images below:

Owners of CULT4-M harnesses will also receive new handles as part of this initiative, so that the series is identical. CULT4-S harnesses are not affected.

Skywalk apologizes to CULT4 customers for any inconvenience caused by this safety notification. If you have questions or are unsure, please contact your dealer.