Quick‐Out carabiner safety notice (Customer assembly fault)

Quick‐Out carabiner safety notice ‐ 7. December 2016

On 15 November 2016, the faulty assembly of a Quick‐Out carabiner lead to its accidental opening. The pilot had dismounted both of the Quick‐Out’s release buttons and later re‐installed them in swapped positions.

Swapping the release buttons is dangerous to life. In our instruction manual, we hence point out that the release button located on the opposite side of the installation slot must not be dismounted when attaching the carabiner to the harness. It may only be removed for cleaning purposes after the carabiner had been exposed to salt water. However, to prevent swapping the release buttons, only one button at a time may be dismounted!

There are approx. 16.000 Quick‐Out carabiners in circulation. As unfortunately not all pilots are aware of the fact that non‐compliance with instruction manuals is dangerous ‐ particularly in aviation‐ we would hereby like to point this out again. The Quick‐Out carabiner’s instruction manual can be downloaded anytime from the “Downloads” section of our website.

Quick‐Out carabiner safety notice
Quick‐Out carabiner safety notice