Gingo Airlite Inspection Recall

GIN GLIDERS issue a recall on some Gingo Airlite harness (new model only) manufactured in 2012.

GIN Gingo Airlite harness Inspection Recall

Gin Gliders Inc. are recalling the last Gingo Airlite model (launched in 2012) for inspection as a precautionary measure to ensure that the product, after use, still meets our standards of quality.
We kindly ask owners of affected harnesses (serial numbers whose 3rd and 4th digits contain “12” i.e. xx12-xxxx) to contact their local GIN dealer where they purchased the harness, to return their harness for factory inspection.

Gin Gliders [15.4.2013]

So, if you have a GINGO AIRLITE, the new lime & black version, get in touch with the dealer you bought it off or UK Airsports with the serial number and we will be able to tell you whether your harness is one of the ones that GIN would like to check.