A routine inspection has revealed visible material damage which may result in the breaking of the rubber bands closing the inner bag of the G-Lite rescue parachute and thus a failed deployment.

Pilots flying with the G-lite should replace the rubber bands with textile cord before their next flight. Please refer to the instructions in the accompanying video and manual.

Replacement shock cords are available from 7th November 2022 from the place you bought your reserve. You can get a free replacement shock cord kit by contacting the GIN reseller that supplied your reserve straight away. If you are unable to contact them then please contact us from our contact page.

Open GIN’s instruction Manual (PDF) showing how to change the elastics in a new window.

Further to the safety notice we recently published:

Please note that GIN have already sent out the replacement textile cord packs by DHL to us, as soon as they are here we will re-distribute them to the GIN resellers that sold G-Lites. Please contact the place you bought your G-Lite to get a free replacement bad pack.

We’ve also had a few questions as to why we didn’t include the Yeti Cross. The reasons are as follows:

– The Yeti Cross inner container is bigger than that of the G-lite: as a result, the rubber band is under less tension after packing.
– Because of the bigger inner container, the rubber band is less likely to become damaged during packing.
– All materials are thinner and lighter than the G-lite, because of this, the tension on the rubber bands should be reduced.

Due to all the reasons above, there is a much smaller probability to have damaged rubber bands, and there are four rubber bands to hold the lines, so if even if 2 of them are damaged, 2 more remain.

Moreover, GIN have sold large quantities of Yeti cross from 2015 and never had any reports of issues.

Other harness inner containers (Gingo4, Gingo airlite4, Verso3 and Yeti convertible2) also use these rubber bands. We checked all these inner containers and the size of this inner container is almost the same as that of the Yeti Cross38. With G-Lite 39 installed, there was less tension in the rubber bands compared to the G-lite in its own inner container.

As ever, we remind pilots to repack their reserves at the specified intervals and pay close attention to the condition of all the materials including regularly changing the rubber bands.