Boomerang 9 – a reminder for maintenance inspections

You know it makes sense…

Gin Gliders specify that the line set must be replaced at least every 150 hours. Any Boomerang 9 M pilots who are approaching this limit should replace the lines before the Super Final in Brazil and/or the World Cup in Mexico.

We would like to remind pilots that the Boomerang 9 has very thin Aramid lines in some sections. If they have been damaged due to ‘wear and tear’ during the season, the breaking strength could decrease and the lines might tear. The thinnest Edelrid 8000-025 lines are especially fragile and if they do tear the pilot will lose the control of the wing. Although we have had no reports of such incidents, preventative action by pilots is important to ensure that this remains the case.

Fly safe,
GIN Team