AustriAlpin Delta Karabiner Precautionary Recall

In the course of routine tests anomalies in strength of the major axis was observed on several pieces. Caused by inhomogeneous raw material, minimal stress cracks can occur on the bends. These cracks can be tricky to spot, because they do not occur immediately.
Due to following tests and analysis, and in consequence of this, to avoid any risk to our customers, AustriAlpin has decided to take a precautionary extension of the current recall “DELTA carabiner”

Immediately stop using them!

1) Free exchange for new carabiners (if at least one of the following points applies):
• Have you recently purchased your carabiner and are thus still within the 3 years warranty? (proof of purchase)
• or has the carabiner been produced in our tolerance period (last 5 years) and has it one of the following batch numbers:
III Austrialpin III
II Austrialpin III
II Austrialpin II
Ø 0001

Immediately stop using it!

Please find the replacement process in point 4.

2) Goodwill solution for obsolescent carabiners (5 years and older):
• all Delta links have to be eliminated at least after 5 years or 1500 hours of using
• Immediately stop using it!
• as a goodwill solution you will get the follow up model TROPOS (art.Nr. FD01A) at the special price of EUR 11.99 (incl. MWST)

Even if there is no ostensible risk, these carabiners are outdated and not supposed to be used any longer.
AustriAlpin takes no liability for any further use.
To ensure that all Delta carabiners are actually removed from the market, AustriAlpin is offering the mentioned goodwill solution.
The promotion is unique and exclusively in exchange for your old Delta carabiner.
All other AustriAlpin carabiners are NOT affected by this action.

3) Follow up model:
TROPOS (art.N. FD01A) is the evolution of proscribed Delta carabiner and distinguish unequivocal:
the closure sleeve is black instead of brass-colored
• the bending radius is visibly increased
• thus there can be no more stress cracks
Please understand that we will make all necessary tests before delivering the new carabiner.

4) Exchange process:
Please do return all carabiners immediately with using the attached form. We will replace the returned product as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Please pay the postage for the sending, for the recalled carabiners (point 1). As a compensation for shipping cost, you will receive a complimentary AustriAlpin carabiner (see return form). For the fairness solutions, we will pay the postage to you.

We will send the exchange as soon as possible, if your carabiner meets point 2, you will receive an invoice with your new carabiner, please pay this invoice (EUR 11,99 per piece)  as soon as possible.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us
Via phone:    +43 5225 65248
Via email:      [email protected]

The safety of our customers is of prime importance. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience of this precautionary measure and are kindly asking for your understanding and help.