Skywalk BREEZE lightweight modular harness

Two harness in one 🙂

The BREEZE is a new recreational harness with a simple design that fulfils many diverse demands. It is comfortable, safe, lightweight and modular!

The modular design of the BREEZE is one of the highlights and main features. The cover can be separated from the seat in just a few simple steps. This converts the PermAir LINE BREEZE to the PURE LINE BREEZE in less than a minute and reduces the weight of the already lightweight harness by 50%.

SKYWALK BREEZE Modular, lightweight harness
SKYWALK BREEZE converting from PermAir LINE to PURE LINE.

PermAir LINE – 2.2kg – Harness, carabiner, speed bar, cover, PermAir protector, Inflation Bag, rescue handle with inner container, front pocket with cockpit + optional HIKE backpack.

PURE LINE – 1.17kg – Harness, carabiner, speed bar + optional HIKE backpack

The BREEZE has no seat board. Skywalk ensure comfortable flying characteristics by choosing a moderate height for the suspension points. Their geometry allows an intuitive transmission of control feedback and weight shift.

Security was at the top of our to-do list for the BREEZE. Skywalk have integrated their unique PERMAIR technology developed for the Red Bull X-Alps and used for the first time in a recreational harness. The permanant air protector works very well, performing brilliantly in drop tests and combines the advantages of foam and ram air protectors together: maximum load damping with minimal weight and space requirements in the rucksack.

The modular design of the BREEZE makes it possible to separate the cover from the seat shell in a few simple steps.

There is ample built in storage in both options and many extra features.

SKYWALK BREEZE paragliding harness Inflation Bag finalSKYWALK BREEZE Inflation Bag final
SKYWALK BREEZE paragliding harness Inflation Bag finalSKYWALK BREEZE Inflation Bag final

Minimal Packing Size – Thanks to our PermAir technology the BREEZE can be reduced to an extremely small packing size, which can be even further compressed by using the Inflation Bag.

Reserve system – The BREEZE has a very well thought out rescue deployment system. The zipped closure wraps around the front of the harness and opens wide without corners and edges to prevent smooth and easy deployment.