Skywalk’s ARAK: a light, all-round EN-B

Skywalk’s Paragliding Multi-Tool!

The ARAK is being introduced to us as a Paragliding Multi-Tool of a glider; a glider that offers something for everyone and from what we have heard so far, it looks like it’s living up to the claim.

The ARAK is firmly in the middle of the EN-B range, accessible to most qualified pilots and offering plenty of performance to satisfy cross country and soaring pilots with fun handling that allows you to throw it around should the urge take you.

A real all-rounder
The ARAK closes the gap between TEQUILA & CHILI in the broad B-class, but it also opens up a new, highly distinctive product niche. Skywalk’s aim was to design a versatile glider for a large target group and for every possible use — a real all-rounder.

Skywalk tell me that at the top of the list of characteristics they were after were:

“simple and playful handling with outstanding performance.

The result is the perfect companion for the toughest activities as well as a real fun machine without the requirement of a high-level B wing.

The semi-lightweight design allows us to make a robust glider with low weight and small pack size.”

UK Airsports and Skywalk demo ARAK gliders

What about the handling?
“The glider is characterized by its smoothness and the excellent feedback it gives to the pilot without being nervous. This gives the pilot the highest level of comfort and safety when flying because he understands the glider’s feedback correctly, even in demanding conditions.

The bank angle is easily adjustable and dynamic manoeuvres are a pure pleasure due to its direct handling.

Brake pressure increases linearly and becomes much harder right before the stall. In addition, a collapse leaves the pilot with plenty of time to react when he reaches the limit. By simply adjusting the bank angle, the ARAK can core tight and really shred thermals.

When the thermals are weak, the ARAK carves flat to squeeze out every inch.”

And performance?
“The performance is easy to use due to the glider’s stability and simplicity.

The performance potential of the ARAK is great.

In EXTREME FLIGHT: The glider has manageable flight characteristics, but we recommend it for pilots who have an active flying style and fly regularly. The ideal pilot will have completed a safety training and is familiar with extreme flight manoeuvres.”

UK Airsports and Skywalk demo ARAK glider

So who is it really for?
“It’s for pilots from the very talented beginner after initial flight training to the experienced pilot looking for a companion for all types of flying: XC pilot, hike & fly pilot, fun pilot, traveller and adventurer.

It’s suitable for all pilots after training”

To sum up: 

Skywalk’s new light, mid level, intermediate ARAK is the paraglider that seems to fulfil every need!

It’s SKYWALK’s third model in the intermediate class and it aims to cut through traditional categories and combine everything you might want from a paraglider.

The ARAK stands for easy handling, rich performance and, above all: lots of fun!

More information:

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A fun video from Paul Guschlbauer messing around with the ARAK on South American dunes: