GIN GLIDERS Bonanza 2 – An accessible EN C high-performance XC wing for experienced pilots

GIN GLIDERS Bonanza 2 – An accessible EN C high-performance XC wing for experienced pilots

We’ve had our demo Bonanzas for a few weeks now and managed to fly them in a variety of conditions and we love it!

The Bonanza felt great from the start and the more we’ve flown them, the more our first impressions have been reinforced and the more in love with it we have become.

UK Airsports demo GIN Bonanza 2
GIN Gliders Bonanza 2 on Catbells, Keswick.

The Bonanza is a very refined, precise and agile glider. It’s relatively easy to fly and offers excellent, solid, high performance, particularly at speed. It’s been designed as a glider to fly cross country and to devour kilometres!

In flight, the Bonanza feels like it’s on rails and turning the glider in or out of lift is a dream; a subtle mix of weight shift and brake has it carving round; very satisfying and great fun.

The speed system is efficient, comfortable to use and feels reassuringly solid.

The glider is very efficient  but to make the most of it you should be adept at controlling a glider through active piloting using a combination of one or more of the following; weight-shift, the brakes, the speed system and C-Riser control.

Active piloting can prevent collapses in all but the most turbulent of airs. The pilot is also better able to feel where the lift or sink is and to make decisions to utilise this information efficiently.

Here’s what Gin says about his wing:

“We worked more than two years on this glider and I experimented a lot with new techniques, but finally my experience led me to finish this glider as it is now. The aspect ratio and planform was fixed already at an early stage. As with our other recent wings, we spent a lot of time optimising the sail tension, 3D shaping and line materials and diameters.

Internal construction is also incredibly important for this class of glider. Most of the three cell blocks are connected with “cross-beams”, which give much better stability and performance. As a result, the glider keeps the arc, even if the speed bar is pushed to the maximum. I recommend using the speed bar as much as possible! The glider is not only very stable over the entire speed range, but the acceleration is rapid and smooth. Performance stays good as well!”

GIN Bonanza 2 EN C paraglider
GIN Bonanza 2 EN C paraglider

More information, a manual, images and links to certification can be found on GIN’s website:

There have been few reviews so far but the reports we have seen have been glowing: : “The brakes and feel are exquisite” … “I use a half wrap on my brakes so for this style, they are ‘perfect’ ! A real pleasure to fly that glider ! Every centimetre reacted to my command with a linear nice response. Coring some small thermals will be very swift if the pilot releases completely the other side and pulling the inner brake inside the core, could lead to a cork screw turn !”

Video review by Dora Göksal:

More reviews will be added when we find them…

UK Airsports demo GIN Bonanza 2
GIN Bonanza 2