BGD PUNK EN B glider

The new PUNK is BGD’s highest performing EN/LTF-B certified wing to date. It has very well mannered ground handling, is easy to fly, agile and fun in all conditions.

The PUNK replaces BGD’s BASE and while has similarities in specifications, the PUNK has loads of new rad tech bits, watch Bruce’s video below to learn about a few of them!The Punk is available now in five sizes from the tiny XS (50-65kg) to the Large (100-125kg), all passing EN/LTF-B certification with ease which allows an extended certified weight range, adding 5kg to the top f the recommended ranges in each of the following sizes: XS=50-70kg, S=60-95kg, M=75-100kg, ML=88-113kg.

Having flown the Punk ourselves we can verify that the ground handling and launch are very straight forward, no shooting or high energy lifting you off your feet when the glider comes up. It rises fairly slowly and sits above you ready to launch.

In the air the PUNK is responsive and agile while remaining calm and forgiving. It feels like you have plenty of feedback but with a calm manner. While Bruce claims this is the highest performing EN-B glider he has made (I’,m sure it is), it doesn’t feel like a hot EN-B, it feels quite accessible and maybe closer to the middle of the EN-B range.

When flying in strong, rough and turbulent conditions, the Punk behaved well, the very tips fluttered in and out sometimes but this is as it is designed – Bruce calls it progressive safety and you can read about it in his article in Cross Country magazine, ‘Shifting Our Thinking on Safety’.

The Punk is available in three whacky colours that stand out on the hill and look fantastic in any air, great for photos!

If you’re looking at a new EN-B wing, make sure you test fly the PUNK, call us on 01768 779800 or contact us via our contact page to find a demo near you.

Links to more info:

The video below gives some info from Bruce about some of the PUNK’s new features: