New Shorty rucksack / harness for paragliding, speed flying and speed riding.

The new Shorty rucksack / harness is a lightweight harness/backpack with a unique concept for paragliding, speedriding and speed flying from French brand NEO.

More info on our website or on Neo’s website

Neo went back to the design stage to create a unique harness concept in the Shorty – it doesn’t just turn inside out like most convertible harness / rucksacks, to show how it works we made a little video.

This means that the harness and rucksack share the same very well sorted back and shoulder layout which is very comfortable and supportive.

This was the first time I had seen and changed the Shorty from Rucksack to harness and it proved to be intuitive and easy.

I found the rucksack to be very comfortable to carry, the whole package is well put together and of high quality.

The rucksack converted quickly into a mountain or speedflying split leg harness with good adjustment and my initial impression after hanging it up on a harness hanger was of a very comfortable harness, lots of adjustment wth no pinching.

These things can be different in flight but first impression? Very favourable, I’m impressed and would certainly take one for hike and fly or to use with one of our mini wings.

Inside the Shorty rucksack in our video was a GIN extra small Explorer paraglider and there was plenty of room.