New and demo glider sale

End of Season SALE!!!

Grab a bargain now, call your preferred or local retailer and ask them for more details. Find your local retailer here or contact us for more info.


Demo Gliders available: NEW stock Gliders:
BGD Riot M BGD Magic S
Skywalk Ariba4 S GIN Gliders Bolero 6 S
Skywalk Arak XXS
Skywalk Arak S BGD Punk S
GIN Gliders Explorer M BGD Riot S
GIN Gliders Bonanza 2 S GIN Gliders Atlas 2 XL
GIN Gliders Bonanza 2 M Skywalk Ariba 4 XS
GIN Gliders Bonanza 2 L Skywalk Ariba 4 M
BGD Luna 2 26 Skywalk Tequila5 S
GIN Gliders Carve 22 Skywalk Chili4 XS
GIN Gliders Griffin 18 Skywalk Arak XS
Skywalk Arak S
GIN Gliders Explorer XS
GIN Gliders Bonanza 2 XS
GIN Gliders Leopard M
NEW stock Paramotor wings:
BGD Luna 2 23
GIN Gliders Vantage 2 21
GIN Gliders Vantage 2 23
GIN Gliders Vantage 2 29
GIN Gliders Falcon 24
Demo harnesses available:
GIN Genie X-Alps M NEW Stock Mini Wings:
Skywalk Tonic 2 XS
Skywalk Tonic 2 S
NEW stock Harneses:
NEO Suspender M