leGPSBip+ Solar powered Audio Vario from Stodeus

leGPSBip+ is a configureable solar powered, speaking GPS Alti Vario with HiFi sound and data logging,

This small package contains a host of high quality features including spoken readouts of your altitude, climb rate, speed etc.

The Vario has good quality sound, the Vario beeper reminds us of old Brauniger instruments, low frequency, relaxed tones that are a real pleasure to hear when you climbing fast in thermals as opposed to the screaming buzzy sounds of many varios out in the market now.

leGPSBip+ mini GPS Altimeter Vario for paragliding Hike&Fly
leGPSBip+ mini GPS Altimeter Vario for paragliding Hike and Fly

Spoken alerts – tap the instrument and readouts are given.

The sound and voices are customisable using an online configurator app. You can save three different user profiles on the instrument for instance for recording flights, hiking or skiing. More info here: https://www.lebipbip.com/legpsbip-configurator/

leGPSBip+ Vario Tone Editor
leGPSBip+ Vario Tone Editor

The Vario also has visual LED indication of lift and sink: Great for noisy environments like Paramotor use or if you want to have complete silence when you fly.

The mini leGPSBip+ is solar powered with a built in battery that is always charging when in light. You never need to plug it in to change. Even without light, the built in battery has enough power for 20 hours of flight.

Easily mounted using the included Velcro patches or the lanyard and weighing only 35 grams, the tiny leGPSBip+ makes a great super lightweight hike&Fly instrument, a small and convenient backup to your main instrument for competitions and XC or an easy to use occasional instrument and data logger for other activities such as hiking or skiing.

The unit can be connected with the included cable to Android phones and tablets for use with LK8000, FlyMe and XCTrack, etc. More info here: https://www.lebipbip.com/gpsbip-connectivity/

Made in France, these mini GPS Varios have good support and a long warranty.

More info here: https://www.ukairsports.com/product/legpsbip-solar-audio-gps-variometer/
Online manual here: https://www.lebipbip.com/legpsbip-plus-manual/