Reserve parachute re-packing time

Reserve Parachute Re-packing Time

It’s that time of year when the weather has turned for the worse and we should be thinking about re-packing our rescues/reserve parachutes.

Many clubs will be offering club re-packs which is ideal oportunity to do this yourself.

However, at these re-packs one thing that is often overlooked is replacing the rubber bands on the line bundles and inner container closures. Over time these loose their elasticity, become sticky and weak and can damage your reserve lines if not replaced. One of the reasons for not replacing them is the lack of availability of good quality bands of the correct size.

To help, we have made available small quantities of the bands used by GIN Gliders on their reserve parachutes in our webstore.

You can also find replacement inner containers and spare Harness Reserve handles on our webstore.