BGD DUAL 2 tandem paraglider certified this morning :-)

Breaking news from BGD:

“The DUAL 2 42 has passed EN-B certification this morning! It has taken a lot of protos and development to make it a significant step forward over the original DUAL, which has become a benchmark tandem paraglider. The DUAL 2 is a pilot’s dream on launch, leaving the ground with the shortest of take-off runs for an easy, undramatic passage into the sky.


Light brake pressure and direct, intuitive BGD handling makes it instinctive and fun to fly, and its performance is at the top of its class.

A whole new design, the DUAL 2 has a single plastic shark nose not used on any other wing, ensuring the sail rises easily for the perfect launch while keeping brake pressure light.

The stable and effective big ears can be locked on with the new big-ears locking system.

Dual 2 proto

The Dual 2 will be coming in a 37m² version ! Some images of the prototype during the developement phase !

Posted by BGD on Wednesday, 5 December 2018

We’ve used durable cloth throughout and all-sheathed, extra-strong, kevlar lines to make the DUAL 2 robust and long-lasting. We know commercial pilots need tandems that last well and are easy to maintain.

Hard-working trimmers get worn, so we’ve made ours easy to replace and included spares with the package.

The Dual 2 is available in two sizes: 42m2 will suit most, and the 37m is for smaller pilots whose all-up weight with passengers will not exceed 200kg. Check out the three bright colour schemes, below.”

BGD DUAL 2 specifications
BGD DUAL 2 specifications