Flymaster – How to Set your Pilot name in the instrument

(Article posted by Richard Bungay. Last updated 6/11/19)

Flymaster Firmware update v2.00 onwards

With Flymaster firmware newer than v2.00 the instrument now generates and signs the IGC file within the instrument rather than relying on GPSDump.

This does mean though that you now have to set the “Pilot Name” in the instrument, this needs to be done before your next flight.

Open the “Menu” and select “Settings” and then “Device settings”.

Here you will find the option to add your name under “User” as shown below.

Flymaster Pilot Name entry


Rather than entering your name using the scroll buttons on the instrument, it is easier to enter the name on a Computer using Flymaster Designer or GPSDump.

In Flymaster Designer click on the instrument “logo” (the LIVE-SD in the screenshot below) in the top right of the window and select “instrument settings”.

You can then enter your name in the “Logger” tab.

If you are using GPSDump, in the “Misc” dropdown menu you will see an item “Set Flymaster Name” as shown below.

GPSDump Set Pilot Name 1

A Dialog box will appear where you can enter your name. Only the name will be added to the tracklog IGC file so it is not necessary to complete the other fields.

GPSDump Set Pilot Name 2