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AeroJack Safety Knife - Hook Knife/webbing cutter

RRP: £14.99

Price: £14.99

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12th Apr 2018

no comments left by reviewer

25th Jan 2018

Very Efficient service
Thank you

19th Nov 2017

Purchased my PPG safety hook blade from these guys and man do they ship fast. I will be doing future business with UK AIRSPORTS!

2nd Nov 2017

Bright colour and very safe to use. Hope I never have to but it fits nicely in my harness just in case.

2nd Nov 2017

no comments left by reviewer

12th May 2017

Super fast service. Thanks.

AeroJack Safety Knife/hook knife/webbing cutter

This is the ultimate safety knife for paraglider pilots!

The AeroJack Safety Knife was developed for (but not limited to) use by fire, rescue and emergency workers, paraglider pilots, skydivers, BASE jumpers, pilots and crew, mariners, kitesurfers and fishermen. The Aerojack Safety Knife is a shorter version of the classic Jack Safety Knife.

Used in any situation where you need to cut webbing, cord or lines quickly and efficiently, for example after a reserve parachute deployment and/or subsequent landing where you might need to detach from your reserve parachute quickly to avoid being dragged along the ground.

Designed and shaped with a safety protection feature, it is easy to handle in an emergency situation and it's very unlikely that you'll cut anything accidentally! The mouth opening is set small enough to prevent cutting your own finger while handling, but large enough to cut through cord, webbing or lines up to 5mm thick.

Twin opposing stainless steel blades offer a large, durable cutting area. This knife slices through thick webbing very easily. A spare set of blades are stored in the handle, where you'll also find two attachment points for cord or elastic or nylon tape.

An essential item in any paragliding First Aid Kit, the AeroJack Safety Knife can be quickly used to neutralise a potentilly dangerous situation following a paraglider crash or reserve parachute landing.

Inexpensive yet supremely functional, this knife could save your life!

Carbon version available which is stiffer, lighter and stronger than the standard nylon AeroJack Safety Knife.

NATO Stock Number 5110-17-046-9717

Dimensions: 174mm length, 40mm width (at widest)

Weight: 35g

Colour: yellow or carbon black

Stock code: OPH-AeroJ

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