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Holiday opening hours

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Have a great Christmas and a very happy New Year!

Holiday Opening Hours

Christmas and New Year opening times here at UK Airsports.

Thursday 21st December  -  Open as normal and last day to send out orders before Christmas.
Friday 22nd December  -   Open 9.30am – 1.00pm

Monday 25th December  -  Christmas Day -  Closed
Tuesday 26th December  -  Boxing Day - Closed
Wednesday 27th December: Closed but checking mail
Thursday 28th December  -  Open as normal
Friday 29th December  -  Open 9.30am – 1.00pm

Monday 1st January 2018  -  New Year’s Day - Closed
Tuesday 2nd January 2018  -  Closed
Wednesday 3rd January 2018  -  Back to normal opening hours


UK Airsports
Tel : 01768 779800

You can always contact us through the website contact page here:


Safety advisory regarding early Yeti cross reserves.

Categories // Safety Notices

Affecting Yeti Cross reserves made between July 2016 and February 2017

Routine quality checks have revealed a potential problem with the packing of a Yeti Cross rescue. Untidy line packing was found, which may affect efficient deployment.

As a precaution, Gin Gliders recommend that any Yeti Cross reserves which have not yet been repacked, and with manufacturing dates between July 2016 and February 2017, should be repacked prior to the next flight.


GIN Gliders Sprint 3

Categories // New Products

The Classic Intermediate Paraglider, re-engineered

GIN Gliders Sprint 3
Introducing the Sprint 3

If you’re a leisure, club or cross-country pilot, the Sprint 3’s carefully calibrated blend of handling, comfort, stability and performance will ensure you get the very best out of your flying.

Safety notice for Gingo 3 harness rescue container

Categories // Safety Notices

A Gingo 3 harness was found to have the rescue pin loop stuck in the eyelet due to being pulled too hard during packing.

Safety notice for Gingo 3 harness rescue container

Gin Gliders recommend that all owners of the Gingo 3 open, inspect and re-close their rescue containers before their next flight.

Gin Gliders recommend that all owners of the Gingo 3 open, inspect and re-close their rescue containers before their next flight.


UK Airsports News

Categories // New Products

Now mostly on facebook

For more regular updates please "like" our UK Airsports facebook page.

UK Airsports facebook page


AustriAlpin Delta Karabiner Precautionary Recall

Categories // Safety Notices

Act now for free replacement!

AustriAlpin Delta Karabiner Precautionary Recall

In the course of routine tests anomalies in strength of the major axis was observed on several pieces. Caused by inhomogeneous raw material, minimal stress cracks can occur on the bends. These cracks can be tricky to spot, because they do not occur immediately.
Due to following tests and analysis, and in consequence of this, to avoid any risk to our customers, AustriAlpin has decided to take a precautionary extension of the current recall "DELTA carabiner"

Immediately stop using them!


Rescue installation advice for GIN Gingo Airlite

Categories // Safety Notices


Gin Gliders have become aware of that in certain test scenarios, deployment of a rescue parachute can become more difficult than in the static scenario used in the certification process. This is especially so with customers using non-Gin Gliders rescues with larger packing volumes.


Boomerang 9 – a reminder for maintenance inspections

Categories // Safety Notices

You know it makes sense...

Boomerang 9 M pilots who have flown their wings all this season should take note that the Boomerang 9 must be inspected by a qualified professional every 100 hours or every 12 months, whichever comes sooner.


Gingo Airlite Inspection Recall

Categories // Safety Notices

GIN GLIDERS issue a recall on some Gingo Airlite harness (new model only) manufactured in 2012. 

GIN Gingo Airlite harness Inspection Recall

Gin Gliders Inc. are recalling the last Gingo Airlite model (launched in 2012) for inspection as a precautionary measure to ensure that the product, after use, still meets our standards of quality.
We kindly ask owners of affected harnesses (serial numbers whose 3rd and 4th digits contain "12" i.e. xx12-xxxx) to contact their local GIN dealer where they purchased the harness, to return their harness for factory inspection.

Gin Gliders [15.4.2013]

So, if you have a GINGO AIRLITE, the new lime & black version, get in touch with the dealer you bought it off or UK Airsports with the serial number and we will be able to tell you whether your harness is one of the ones that GIN would like to check.


Gin Gliders News

Categories // Paramotoring, New Products, Paragliding, Paragliders

A short round-up of what we exepect from GIN GLIDERS before the New Year.

Tandems, paramotor wings, new gliders from easy intermediate EN Bs to Comp gliders and more.


Flymaster - Interesting new features added with firmware update

Categories // New Products, Instruments, Paragliding

Thermal trace and Autozoom make thermalling a doddle!

Flymaster have released new firmware for the LIVE, NAV, and GPS that introduces a realtime pilot track in the task map.


The Wi-Fi enabled GoPro HERO3

Categories // Paramotoring, New Products, Instruments, Speedflying, Speedriding, Great Offers, Paragliding

Smaller, Lighter...Better

The Wi-Fi enabled GoPro HERO3


GoPro Hero3 White & Silver edition - IN STOCK NOW

Smaller, Lighter...Better and they come with WiFi built in


Bruce Goldsmith Designs and Airwave

Categories // New Products, Events, Paragliding, Paragliders

Bruce Goldsmith Designs and Airwave

At St Hilaire Bruce Goldsmith took the opportunity to explain the recent happenings with Airwave and his falling out with business partner Roberto Galera and to try to correct the rumours that are going wild...

Also - New ENC from Bruce - the Tala


Rush Hour on Mont Blanc!

Categories // Events, Paragliding

An epic day in the Alps sees huge numbers of pilots at 5000m above Europes highest mountain

Rush Hour on Mont Blanc!

Jerome Maupoint finally achieves an ambition to fly over Mont Blanc, and is joined by more than a few friends!